Praying for Friends: Who are going through Divorce

When my friend went through her divorce my heart broke for her. Her heart had shattered in pieces by infidelity. Trust was broken. His unrepentant heart made this marriage end. A new life had to be build alone with the added burden of single parenting. My friend’s faith was wavering. This concerned me. She was going through a crisis that stretched her. My heart felt like it was breaking for her. I couldn’t stop thinking about her and her plight. I would have rescued her if I could. I wanted to stop her pain and now mine.

Friends come and friends go,
but a true friend sticks by you like family.

Proverbs 18:24 MSG

I spent years praying and being a faithful friends to her during this time. I sent flowers on their anniversary for the couple of years. This meant so much to her. She was still being remembered on this difficult day of the calendar. Another thing I did was I prepared for her a surprise where I could bless her at a future date. Single parents struggle with day to day financial survival. Knowing this, I tucked a $20 bill in the back of a cute picture I had bought for her on her birthday. Then I waited for that call from her that revealed an urgent small need. One day we were talking (this is the day when people talked to their friends on the phone) She said, I’m down to almost nothing and I need gas. Immediately I said a quick prayer, “Now Lord? do I tell her of the hidden money?” Yes now, was His answer.

So I told her of the money I had hidden behind that cute picture. She was surprised and thankful. How wonderful to be able to bless her and be a way I could increase my friend’s faith.

Being a friend that prays for a friend’s long term crisis can be draining but it is rewarding too. We want their life to be fixed. We want even more that they will grow in their relationship with God He is their savior, not us. We can do little helps but we cannot be there every minute. God is. So let’s pray.

Prayer: Dear Jesus, please be with my friend during this time of need. Help her to feel you and your care. Take care of her needs. Increase her faith. In those quiet moments remind her to reach out to you to cry out to you, the lover of her soul. Make her faith secure. Thank you that you love her so much, In Jesus name, Amen

God’s Word to us: Thank you for praying for your friend during this needful time in her life. Your prayer means so much to her as it does Me. I see that you genuinely care for her and will answer your prayers when they line up with my will. In the meantime I am building her faith in me. This doesn’t happen on it’s own, you know. It happens when we walk a hard path for awhile like your friend is. Thank you for walking with her encouraging her along the way. You offer her a cool glass of water by your words of grace.

Faith is a muscle. It must be worked out. Year by year as we need to use faith we get stronger. When we see God answer prayer and make a way through the tough moments/seasons in our life, our faith grows.

So what can we do to encourage our friend whose faith is wavering? I’ve listed some things below but the list is endless. Ask God how you can creatively and sometimes secretly meet their needs like the hidden money story I shared. God knows their need for each moment so remember to pray about how to meet that need.

Ways to love a Friend going through a Crisis

  • Encouraging Bible verses
  • Sweet treats (a little chocolate goes a long way)
  • Flowers
  • Cards
  • Phone calls
  • Stopping by with a variety of healthy foods
  • meals
  • Praying together
  • Taking a walk together
  • Meet for coffee
  • Sitting and talking

Friends are a blessing. When they go through a tough time because we are close, we do too. Take care of yourself too through this process. Make sure you are not carrying more of this burden then you ought. Remember God is watching. He is right there with her. He is her savior and you are her friend. You see the difference.

My friend’s story has a happy ending. God took care of her as a faithful father does through her crisis and beyond. She met a godly man and enjoys a good marriage. My prayers for her have changed because they are not crisis driven. But I will always remember this time when praying through this crisis cemented our friendship together.

One of the biggest privilege’s I get to do is pray for my friends. I have several I try to be faithful to by giving this gift to them on a regular basis. My close friends list is not long. I have talked about regular prayer for close friends in my original post on Praying for Friends.

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Have a blessed week. -Kim

Post updated 2/20/23

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