The Hope For Tomorrow

Waiting with God

These last few months have been particularly hard for Christians. We’ve seen all the terrible decisions that have been made by ungodly leaders. God has told us to wait. During times of prayer, my heart would be reassured that we are waiting together. I’m not alone in the waiting. God is right there beside me waiting. I am hopeful because if we are waiting together and when it’s time to move together, we will do that too. He will show me my part. Lets get this settled in our hearts. His power to lead is Great!! When the door flies open, are you ready to do what He is asking you to do? Or are you hung up on all the little activities that fill your mind and appease your soul?

Let God Prepare You

Wait on the Lord in prayer. Let Him prepare you in the waiting. I believe the Church has a big piece in the redemption of our country and the world. You may be tired of how things are done. I know I was. It seemed like we were just showing up and for what purpose? I was bored. I don’t like to do anything just for the sake of doing it. But God has uncovered and is exposing this world-wide corruption. When that happened, it was like someone put a Bunsen Burner flame under my pew in church. There is no way to just sit there and do nothing anymore.

I think a lot of Christians are feeling this way. I can’t just sit here anymore. So with all of us charged up and ready to go, now we are waiting for God’s plan to be rolled out.

Last night I was waiting for my daughter to come out of youth group. I didn’t bring my phone with me, just my keys. So it gave me an opportunity to pray. I prayed for the youth leadership, the parents and the students. I prayed the students would really desire to learn God’s word. I prayed that the leadership would take their roles seriously by seeking God in all that they say and do. Then as other parents started to show up, it started sprinkling rain. We didn’t even get out of the way. In Southern California, we need precipitation so badly, we all just stood there amazed and thankful.

I believe God is wanting us to think differently about those normally dry places in our lives. Take those vague, mundane moments when we distract ourselves (usually with a screen) and do something different with them. It’s time to wait differently and with purpose. A year ago I wrote America Wake Up! I believe we are awake, praise God, but ouch – that process hurt.

Redemption is possible. Restoration is possible. With God, all things are possible! And I explained these thoughts in Remove all Fear. When I read this again, before including the link here, I was amazed at how this word is for right now. Please read it again even if you have read it before.

So as we hold hands with God and wait together. I wanted to share something He encouraged my soul with.

God’s word to us:

You’re going to hear a lot of news whirling around deep and important issues.
My hand will determine the outcome.
That is what is important.
Do not be afraid.
I have already overcome the world.
You don’t need to guess what will happen.
My hand is already on it.
It’s on your family too.
Do not be afraid!


We do have hope for tomorrow. God’s hand is already on it. He will determine the outcome. We do not need to be afraid. I love how He says that twice. It’s as if He knows our hearts are prone to fear. Yes, the world may seem like it is going crazy. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. He is our Savior. He saves. He always has saved. He always will save. His saving during history has sometimes looked different than what we would have expected. A great deal of sacrifice on the part of Christians has been experienced. Think of William Tyndale, Jim Elliot, John Bunyan and even Joseph in the Bible. They all suffered. But God birthed amazing things because of their sacrifices.

We may be up, off the pew, wondering what to do now, but are we ready for sacrifice if it is required?

Remember, He has the plan. You feel something stirring in your heart, right? Several pieces of His plan may seem unclear on how you’re going to do them? Ask Him to clarify your part in His plan. Trust Him to show you what to do.

Meanwhile we’re waiting, hoping, trusting and being ready. For we walk by faith, not by sight.



Hebrews 13:8 & 2 Corinthians 5:7

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  1. Yes, this is a horrible time for Christians, but God IS exposing the corruption in our government and in our society. This is an important time for all God-fearing people. I see a Christian revival happening right now. And that’s just what we need!

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