I have been married for 31 years to the man who captured my heart just out of high school and homeschooled for 26 years. My boys are adults now. The oldest one is married to a beautiful girl who was also homeschooled. My middle is working and also still living at home. My baby girl is thirteen years old now.  I have enjoyed the years I spent with each child, learning along with them. I think this time was the biggest gift I could give them and myself.

I love the home arts.  The best part of one of my hobbies of, cooking and baking, is that when I’m done, my family gets to enjoy it.  We won’t talk about the times the recipe was a dud, and someone had to pick up In-n-Out for dinner. Another hobby of mine is sewing. 

My prayer life has been a journey for me. I accepted Jesus into my life at a Christian school when I was five years old. I was the first in my family to make a spiritual decision like this.  My only model was the daily opening prayer at school each morning. When my parents accepted Jesus, we started going to church, and I heard more examples of prayer. Much later, I began writing them down because of my desire to make my prayers more personal. I was working on the delivery of those prayers. My thoughts were if I’m praying to a personal God, why don’t I talk to him like I talk to everyone else? It was like I had my own words that I used just for prayer. By writing my prayers down, I would erase any lines that sounded impersonal and correct them to be more personal. Little did I know this would change everything for me concerning prayer. These have become my Everyday Conversations with Jesus.

 I’m writing this blog to bring you what I’ve learned about prayer and journaling over the last ten years. I desire to show you a model of bringing life struggles to God in prayer and His responses to my heart paired with scripture.  It is safe to bring your heart to our loving God.  Watch how.  And maybe you’ll get some answers you’ve needed to hear about your life’s struggles.  

Thank you for taking time to read more,

Kim Griffin

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