My Heart’s Cry and Career Homemakers

Welcome to My Heart's Cry. I am pleased to have you here. Please make yourself comfortable and enjoy the edifying articles that will uplift your spirit. The articles mainly focus on prayer, which I believe is the most essential activity of the day. If you have any prayer requests, I would be honored to pray... Continue Reading →

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Sleepless Nights

Sleepless nights are hard. Getting less sleep or interrupted sleep gets old fast. There's something wonderful about a good night's sleep. So much hinges on a good night's sleep too. Recently I've gotten off a medication that had caused me to sleep soundly. It's not the reason I took it but it was a nice... Continue Reading →

Benefits of Reading the Bible Aloud

Family members' actions and words can change a home's environment. A peaceful household can have a tremendous impact on the well-being of family members. Take time to actively speak God's word, and you will see a positive transformation in your home's atmosphere. When we read the Word of God to ourselves, the sword is pointed... Continue Reading →

School Choice

Parents have options when it comes to school choice, to select the best fit for their family's educational needs. Choosing the source of our children's education is a serious decision that parents must consider wisely. In America, we have the option of public schools, private schools, and homeschooling to meet these needs. While most children... Continue Reading →

A Sweet Smelling Aroma

As I woke up during a retreat, I was greeted by a pleasant fragrance wafting around the room. It was March, and the orange tree outside was in full bloom. Though I hadn't noticed the tree as we arrived the night before, its sweet scent inspired me to get dressed and go outside to take... Continue Reading →

Strengthening Faith

So how do we keep our faith muscle fit? We have to spend time conditioning our faith, much like we use conditioning in our workouts. For our muscles, stretching keeps them flexible, strong, and healthy, and we need that flexibility to maintain a range of motion in the joints. Likewise, our faith needs stretching to keep flexible and humble, and develop endurance to be a healthy Christ follower.

Under Attack

Do you find yourself experiencing unexplainable otherworldly activity in your home or workplace? When we are in the middle of a battle or strange circumstance, we have to learn how to cope with that situation until it's been resolved. The following three truths helped me through tough moments.

Never too late to Volunteer

For years, I've been the mom who drops off her child for classes and either runs errands or waits in the car to read and rest. Then one day while waiting in the parking lot for my daughter to finish her class, I decided to pray for more Christians to teach classes at our local... Continue Reading →


June is recognized globally as Pride Month, but what if Christians used this month to reflect on and address issues of pride in their hearts, conversations, and actions? As followers of Christ, we must confront our natural inclination to seek validation and social status through our accomplishments and possessions. Let's begin by comparing contemporary and... Continue Reading →

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