Joining the Gym (again)

I'm feeling a bit hesitant about returning to the gym. I am out of shape and will have to work up to the routine I had when I stopped 7 months ago. Before quitting because of homeschool obligations, I had a session with a trainer to ensure I could effectively target all of my muscle... Continue Reading →

My Heart’s Cry Podcasts

Below are My Heart's Cry blogs I've made into Podcasts. For fellow WordPress bloggers, Spotify has made converting your content into podcasts easy. You can have a man or woman computer read your post, or you can read it in your own voice. I have chosen to do the latter. I enjoy reading my blog... Continue Reading →

Seeing and Believing

I recently realized that my age is approaching a number commonly displayed on freeway speed limit signs. A sigh followed this thought. But then again, so did a chuckle. I was spared from a full-blown lament about getting older by a rapid succession of grateful thoughts that unfolded in my mind like a long-lost precious... Continue Reading →

Choose Forgiveness

Choosing to forgive uncovers my heart and exposes misplaced expectations. If someone doesn't treat us as expected, our feelings get hurt. These expectations left unmet have led to broken relationships. Sometimes, God will lead us to work on forgiving others for an extended period of time. He reminds us to forgive, forgive and then forgive... Continue Reading →

Dwindling Savings

Many families are struggling because their savings are dwindling. Your goal may be to guard your savings, or it may be to survive until the next paycheck. Whatever your goal is, one category families can change significantly is what they spend on food. First, decide upon a post-2020 food budget. Prices have changed so decide... Continue Reading →

Praying for those in Conflict

When I opened the front door, my next-door neighbor and a woman living in our neighborhood were having a heated debate. A week prior, something happened between her dog and my neighbor's dog. During this conversation, she informed him she was taking him to court over the incident. I could see the conversation was none... Continue Reading →

Anxiety is a Trap

It was pouring rain and dark when my husband called me on his way home from work. During our conversation, I would hear him hitting patches of water on the freeway. Then he would respond with words I won't post. I pulled up google maps to see how his commute would be. It read a... Continue Reading →

Am I Content this Christmas Season?

Have you asked yourself, “Am I content this Christmas Season?” Christmas time is rarely perfect, that’s not the goal. Contentment is what we desire. So how do we get to a place of contentment during the Christmas Season? Contentment is an emotional state of satisfaction that can be seen as a mental state drawn from... Continue Reading →

Asking a Friend for Prayer

When asking a friend for prayer, it's like asking a friend for help. Usually, this is when we're at the end of ourselves. We've prayed to God for ourselves and now asking a friend to pray seems like a big deal. Why would we either be bashful or even sometimes too independent to ask friends... Continue Reading →

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