Healing for a Mother’s Heart

There seems to be a growing, widening gap between generations today. Young adult children are turning their backs on their parents. They won't talk to them, come home on holidays, or be an active part of the family. Most moms experiencing this gap were caring, loving, and sacrificial when their children were growing up. It... Continue Reading →

The Candle Story

In Southern California, sometimes the power companies turn the power off for thousands of customers if so much as a leaf moves on a tree. Some areas are windier than others. But it seems that every area must have its turn without power if the lines are above ground. Thankfully there is a hill behind... Continue Reading →

The Blessing of Work

Good work keeps us occupied with what is good in life. It also keeps us from sin. People were made with the desire to do good and have purposeful work. When this is removed, they stumble. I'll be honest, I've struggled too. Two years ago, we were told to stay home. My work became serving... Continue Reading →

New Year Health Resolutions

Christmas is filled with yummy treats. But when it's over, I'm done with all the sweet, rich, heavy stuff. My body is screaming for a lighter nutritious fare. In January I think about my health. I’m 50 years old now and my body is changing again. Each decade has had its own physical challenges. Until... Continue Reading →

Praying with Training Wheels

Many devotional books teach a Christian nugget of truth, share a couple of scriptures and end with a prayer. These books are certainly beneficial. For instance, they are helpful for the young, growing Christian to have examples of how mature Christians pray and process truths found in the Bible. Training Wheels But I wonder when... Continue Reading →

The Jesus Candle

Every Christmas at our church, the children's department hands each family a Christmas activity bag. In it are all the supplies to make a Birthday Cake for Jesus. Cake mix, frosting, and a single birthday candle. Last Christmas the cake got made but the candle, well, it didn't even get lit. My children are a... Continue Reading →

Forgive and move on

Americans are stuck in a major blame game, refusing to take responsibility for their part in the nationwide mess. Blaming is counterproductive; nothing is really accomplished. What is productive is seeing that conflict is an opportunity to glorify God and serve others. But we often spend our precious time reading or watching the news media... Continue Reading →


America be strong. Be brave. We are waking up to a new day of possibilities, where yesterday does not apply to tomorrow. Don't go backward. It's like returning to Egypt and to the slavery of the past. I want to point you to freedom once more. Have you gotten lost? Are you discouraged? Let me... Continue Reading →

Praying for your Friend’s Daughters

Daughters are close to every mom's heart. When friends get together, they often share more about what their daughters are up to than talk about their sons. I think this is because the relationship between mother and daughter is wired differently. It's a closer type of relationship. They understand each other on a deeper level.... Continue Reading →

Lessons from Air-travel

Did I forget Something? Before my trip, I was busy with activity trying to do laundry and gather belongings to take with me. My husband usually distracts me with suggestions while I'm doing all this, but this time he was silent. He is learning to just let me do my thing. He knows that I... Continue Reading →

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