I’m so done

I don't know about you, but I'm so done thinking about this COVID-19 crisis. I'm done watching the daily number of new cases. I'm tired of trying to wear a mask that fogs up my glasses when I go shopping. I'm tired of cooking every meal at home. I'm tired of trying to find a quiet place to write when conference calls for work and school video conferencing are going on at the same time in different rooms. So today I put on Christian worship music, using my earbuds to block out all the other conversations.

The Key is Joy

Coronavirus has changed what's normal and has affected my mood. There have been so many changes in such a short amount of time. New restrictions weekly. Now I must wear a mask when I shop. I hate not seeing people's faces. Facial expressions are so key to communication. I haven't seen anyone all week except... Continue Reading →

Am I listening?

When I first started bird watching, I only knew the names and sounds of the most common birds like a crow, a duck, a seagull and a few others. But last year my daughter and I learned about birds through homeschool science. We learned how to attract birds to our yard by putting up a... Continue Reading →


We are living in uncertain times. Who would have thought our cities, nation or most countries of the world would be fighting a health crisis like COVID19? This has changed our plans or at the very least delayed them. How do we live well with this uncertainty? I love to plan and this pandemic was... Continue Reading →

Praying for Friends: Vulnerability

Praying for friends sometimes makes you feel vulnerable. There is a marked difference in asking a friend how they are doing and what they are praying for. The latter is a much deeper thought. In fact, sometimes it's too deep to handle. If your friendship has become more superficial because of time or distance, knowing... Continue Reading →

Praying for Friends

Praying for friends is an important part of being a Christian woman. I have not always been very good at keeping up with this unless there was a big crisis in their lives. But what about praying for their weekly struggles or the day to day grief?This year I started a special prayer time for... Continue Reading →

Learn God’s Rest

As one who suffers from an Autoimmune disease, I have to carefully balance work and rest. Sometimes I get overly ambitious and pile on too many tasks to complete. I don't take time to rest, so I hit a wall. Then I can't do anything productive the rest of the day. I have to "save"... Continue Reading →

Sick of TV

I'm so sick of TV! It seems like there is a real shortage of wholesome shows and movies to watch. Last year, while recovering from an illness, I spent a lot of time binge watching TV. I didn't have much energy, so this is what I did to occupy my time and my mind. I... Continue Reading →

Changing Priorities

Life requires us to change priorities. I have had to change and adjust my priorities because I cannot do what I used to do. I feel like I'm under house arrest sometimes.  My shackles are my body.  When I do go out I seem to have a timer that goes off inside my body that... Continue Reading →

What are you looking at?

With the political upheaval going on in our country it's easy to get discouraged and think the worst in our country. Right, Left, blah blah blah. I just get tired of it. Sometimes I wait until I'm just so worried sick about an issue before I bring it to God. I finally prayed. Prayer: I... Continue Reading →

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