My Heart’s Cry and Career Homemakers

Welcome to My Heart’s Cry. I am pleased to have you here. Please make yourself comfortable and enjoy the edifying articles that will uplift your spirit. The articles mainly focus on prayer, which I believe is the most essential activity of the day. If you have any prayer requests, I would be honored to pray for you. Simply use the prayer form or select a category in the prayer form below.

Top 5

  1. Praying for Friends: Who are going through Divorce
  2. Healing for a Mother’s Heart
  3. Praying for Friends: When we’ve moved away
  4. Praying for your Friend’s Daughters
  5. Going to Church Alone

Career Homemakers Podcasts with Kim Griffin, encourages Homemakers of all ages on how to make your homemaking career creative, goal-oriented, and more satisfying. There are Inspirational, Walk Thru, and Tricks of the Trade episodes. So come check out my podcast site at

Topics include: Welcome Homemakers, Personal Goals vs Homemaker Goals, Defeating Housework Overwhelm, Walk thru episode: Bathroom, Faith Filled Homemakers and The Afternoon slump and much more. Listen on your favorite platform.

So whether you are here for My Heart’s Cry’s prayer filled blog posts or to check out Career Homemaker Podcasts, I welcome you and invite you to stay awhile. My hope is that when you go you will be filled with more peace and joy then when you came.

Kim Griffin

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