Praying for friends: Holding hands during difficult times.

This is not a time of rejoicing in America nor is it a time of rejoicing around the world. Times are tough. We are going from Pandemic to Inflation. So much of the world is hurting. Sin and lies are abundant. Truth and righteousness seem scarce. This has left me a bit hopeless. That is why I have not written to you in a while. I have done to writing my blog posts like I do with my friends during difficult times; I pull away and say nothing. Why? Because I have nothing good to say. There is nothing good to write and I don’t want to seem like Eeyore in the children’s book series “Winnie the Pooh.” He’s always moping around saying the worst about a situation. So that is where I have been, in hiding.

Prayer: God please build my faith again. I do want to pray for my friends but I’m lacking the faith to even pray about my own trials. How can I pray for someone else’s? Some of these things I’ve prayed all year for and I’m just exhausted. I lack hope because I don’t even see any improvement.

God’s word to us: Sister, I know it seems hopeless right now. Things have not gone right for some time, but I’m asking you to not let go of the hands of the women I have placed around you. They need you just like you need them And when the time is right, when it’s time to rejoice, you can rejoice together.

My Heart’s Cry: How can I engage with a friend or even pray for her when I’m feeling so faithless myself? My introverted self just pulls away. But God reminded me of a very important point. We are all struggling through this. Many of us are praying about some pretty big prayer requests but still no answers from God. No resolutions yet. Only bad news everywhere we turn. His reminder to not let go of the hands of the women He has placed around me helped me. I forget, in my own sorrow, that they are struggling just like I am.

Praying for my friends is a great way to hold hands with them. We spend time listening to each other’s heart and often times have an encouraging word to say back to them. It is helpful. Prayer takes it a step further. I find it interesting that when friends pray, often times we hold hands. It’s a symbol of going together to talk to God. What a beautiful reminder and gesture. Spiritually speaking, that is exactly what we are doing. The Bible says, ” For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.

Many of my friends live out of state and that number is growing every year it seems. Our physical distance prevents us from holding hands physically. But I can still hold hands spiritually when I take the time to pray for their burdens. In my life it matters when my friends pray for me. I can feel grace in my situation almost instantly. It’s not overwhelming to me any longer because my friend and God are on my side. But this realization is at a very deep level.

So what do you do if you don’t have friends who pray? If you talk to God by yourself but are timid about praying for or with others, it’s time to gather some faith and start trying. Model for your friends prayer. Show them what it’s like to have a friend who prays. Then when they feel comfortable, they will do the same for you. I have seen this process in my friendships. This is how we grow to become godly women and help those around us grow up in their faith too.

This world desperately needs praying friends. When we commit to praying for our friends, we need to realize a lot of hands are being held around the world. We are all saying in unity that we need God. We are humble. God please heal our land. And when it’s time to rejoice, hallelujah, we can all rejoice together!

So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap
a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up. Therefore, whenever we have the opportunity,
we should do good to everyone—especially to those in the family of faith.

Blessings to you,


Matthew 18:20 NIV
Galatians 6:9-10 NLT

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  1. For those who read My Heart’s Cry, allow me to introduce myself as Kim’s Best Friend, one of the ones who has moved out of state. This AMAZING woman of God has prayed for me through more difficult times than I care to list. She and I will text prayer requests to each other and we often will text the actual prayer at that moment so we can say “amen” together. I wanted to say to anyone reading Kim’s post (and to Kim too 😉) the power is not in the prayer or pray-er, but is in the One who hears the prayer. The Lord knows how weary we are and He does not judge our prayers for their worthiness before answering them. Be encouraged and keep praying for each other.

    Love you, my dear friend! Can’t wait to hold hands and pray together in August 💛

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