Asking a Friend for Prayer

When asking a friend for prayer, it’s like asking a friend for help. Usually, this is when we’re at the end of ourselves. We’ve prayed to God for ourselves and now asking a friend to pray seems like a big deal. Why would we either be bashful or even sometimes too independent to ask friends and family for prayer? It shouldn’t be. It’s another way a friend can support and love us.

When I need prayer, my usual mode is to create text asking for prayer, and then I copy and paste it to my 7 closest friends and relatives. Normally I’m not fond of group texts, but usually, by the time I ask for prayer, I’m pretty wiped out and need heaven’s answers. How do you reach out for prayer when you need it? I’d love to hear in the comments.

You may ask, what’s the difference between praying for our own needs and having others pray for you?

Here are 5 reasons why asking a friend to pray is wise.

  • Friends pray a broader prayer than I’m praying. They tend to see my situation from a different perspective and can pray accordingly.
  • Friends aren’t in my situation. If I’m reaching out for prayer, my faith may be wearing thin. My friends can pray a faith-filled prayer.
  • Friends love God, and they love me. They want the best for me, and they trust God will provide what’s needed.
  • Friends don’t stop at prayer; they will encourage me, drop a note in the mail or bring me yummy treats or flowers.
  • Friends share their stories and help me to not feel alone in my struggle.

When I send these texts for prayer, I feel relief immediately. I am amazed at how God uses my friends to uplift me. Instantly I don’t feel alone. I now have my closest friends thinking about me and responding. I remember, I am blessed with really great friends. Then I realize life is so much more than this one thing that’s getting me down.

Recently my family has been sick, and we were having a tranquil holiday by ourselves. When a friend texted saying she wanted to come over to give me something to help with our colds, I said no, you must be so busy preparing for the holiday. She insisted, and I’m happy she did. We talked outside, and then she prayed for me. I was so thankful. It had been a while since anyone prayed with me. When I went back into the house, I felt different. Released from the depression that had been building. She rescued me with her act of service, friendship, conversation, and prayer. The rest of the day, I felt joyful again.

In the book Hind’s Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard, the main character, Much Afraid, was trapped in her own home by her Fearing Relatives. The first moment Much-Afraid could, she yelled out the window to her neighbor, Valiant. When Valiant heard Much Afraid and saw in her window that her Fearing Relatives had captured her, she ran up to the door and told them all to get out, then she ran to Much Afraid’s aid and encouraged her. I loved that scene because my friends have often been like Valiant and rescued me from depression, anxiety, and loneliness.

If you are going through something and don’t want to be alone, reach out to a close, trusted friend. Tell her/him what’s going on and allow them to pray for you. You may not feel like having company or a conversation but do it. That’s what friends are for. Isn’t that what the Bible says. “The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.”  James 5:16 NLT

Feel free to reach out to me too. Could you fill out this form at the bottom of the page or go to the menu and submit your prayer request at the prayer form page? I will email you back with a prayer in return.

Readers, ask the Lord today if there is someone silent in your life that may need your prayer today. Sometimes, like Much Afraid, our friend can be trapped by depression or anxiety. We know how that feels. If God brings someone to mind, pray for them, and please reach out to them. Do something helpful and kind. Be a Valiant Friend.

Prayer matters,


Verses: John 15:12-15 , Ecc. 4:10, Galatians 6:2, Romans 12:10, I Thes 5:11, ESV

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6 thoughts on “Asking a Friend for Prayer

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  1. I needed this post today! The enemy is so good at messing with my mind and twisting the truth. I have always been a strong and independent woman. As I face my first winter alone in the mountains as a widow, I’ve been hesitant to reach out for prayer. I don’t want my friends and family feeling bad that I’m so far away that they can “only” pray for me. And then when I read about your friends blessing you in tangible ways, the enemy was making me feel guilty that I can “only” pray for my long-distance bestie.

    Do you know what is REALLY satisfying? Recognizing the Jerk’s influence and defeating him with prayer and praise! It’s only 9:30 in the morning local time and I have a win in the spiritual battle already, lol!

    1. I’m so thankful you found victory over our soul’s enemy today by Asking a Friend to Pray. Wow, he guilts us either way. What a liar. Prayer is so powerful; it changes our outlook in seconds.

  2. I can’t believe how providential your post is. I literally just reached out to a friend to talk to and pray for me a few hours ago. I hardly ever do that. And I needed her praying for me and her encouragement. That is what the body of Christ does for one another. It’s hard to be on the receiving end sometimes but I think it cultivates humility as we learn to ask for help.

    1. I was going to wait to post tomorrow morning. I’m amazed at how the Holy Spirit leads the body of Christ in encouraging one another. I’m with you, it’s hard to be on the receiving end, but humility is key.

  3. Thank you Kim for your timely article. I reposted on Facebook so my friends could read it. We all need to pray for one another as it will lighten our burdens.

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