Praying for Friends: When we’ve moved away

Moving can be so exciting. It’s an adventure full of activities, and everything is new. New house, new church, a new area to explore, and new stores. Beyond that, there are new doctors, schools, and friends. But what about the friends you left behind. Managing all the change while settling in can take time but check back to see how friends are doing.

I live in California, and many of our closest friends moved in the last few years. This has affected us as a family; it has affected our churches and our community. I wish them well. I genuinely want them to go where God is leading them. I’m excited about the new places they have found, their new houses, and joy of seeing God opening so many doors for them.

We who remain feel flat and are left asking, what now? We have been forced to find new friendships, as have our children. We are still in the beginning stages of these new relationships, but we miss our established and deeper relationships with our friends who have moved.

So when you pray for friends you have left behind, remember how fragile life is. You may be experiencing tons of change. But your friend is too. Friends depend on each other. There is a huge difference between friends who text and chat and those who do life together. I miss the doing life together part.

What to Pray when you leave your friend behind:

Pray God will comfort their heart. You can’t be there for them, but God is always there. In their emptiness, their relationship with God can develop deeper roots.

Pray they will find new friends. Pray God will lead them to activities and events where they can be introduced to like-minded people. As they find new friends, pray for patience during the early stages of friendship.

Pray for their children to find new friends. Our children’s friends moving away is more challenging than even for the parent. We want stability and safe friends for our children; when our children’s friends leave, it is hard on many levels.

Pray for their grief. Many times your friend is suffering from grief. They are going through the stages of loss. They can’t see you and do life with you anymore. A text is not a hug, a phone call is not the same as going out to lunch and taking a walk together, and a card is not as fun as going to a woman’s conference together and having your best friend to sit beside.

Prayer: Dear Jesus, comfort my friend’s heart. You are with my friend forever. Remind her of your love and the friendship she has with you. I pray my friend will make new friends while she explores classes, volunteering, activities, and events. Bring like-minded people into her life. I pray for her children that they will meet and make new friends too. And I pray for any grief my friend may be experiencing because of my not being there any longer. Show me ways to reach out to her and allow us to see each other again. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

God’s Word to us: My Daughter, I love you and have brought you to a new land with new opportunities and room to grow. You have seen me lavish my love upon you in this new season. You have been blessed in so many ways. Your faith has grown in this time of prosperity. Whereas your friend’s faith is growing in the land of desolation and hardship. Be kind to the friend you left behind. Show her grace as she has to stay and fight all the things you have left. She has her warrior clothes on, but now she’s fighting without you. Uphold her in your prayers.

Yes, remember your friend is still facing many of those issues that caused you to leave. You know her heart through the years of conversations you’ve had. Hold her up in your prayers. Thank her for being your friend. Choose to reach out to her during both of your transitions. It matters. And when you come to town, spend time together. Invite them to visit so they can see your new world. It made such a difference when I visited my friend who had left. I saw her town, house, and even the chair she sits at when she’s on the phone with me. All these matters helps me feel close to her. I hope to visit each friend who left eventually, but that’s a lot of air travel or long road trips.

I hope this blog has helped you. Consider forwarding it to your friends who have either moved or had to stay. I pray that it will comfort both kinds of friends. I’ve also written a blog concerning Praying for Friends: When they move away.

Friends are important. Whether we are introverts or extroverts, everyone needs friends. Praying for yours is a blessing you can share from anywhere.

Here’s where you can find more blogs on Praying for Friends, whether they are going through a divorce or difficult season or you want to learn how to better lift up your friend in prayer.

As always, my offer to pray for you stays the same. Please reach out to me by either the form below or the Prayer Request form in the menu bar. I’d love to pray for you personally. Many Blessings to you and your friendships. -Kim

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  1. Great thoughts on maintaining our relationships, Kim.
    Friends are an invaluable resource and whether they are low or high maintenance, present or miles away we should pray for them as you suggest. Keeping then in prayer keeps them on our minds and in our hearts.
    Proverbs 27:10

  2. Leaving my friend behind was one of the hardest parts of fleeing California. Thank you for the reminder that just because she has remained in California doesn’t mean she LIKES California. I will continue to pray for her.

  3. Amen. I pray that the Lord will bless you with new friends. There is a season for everything. I can relate because I don’t make friends easily and everytime I found a friend they move away. I asked the Lord why and He said that He gives us friends for a season but He is a friend for life who sticks closer than a brother.

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