Praying for your son/daughter: When they leave home

When a child leaves home, we have mixed emotions. We are excited for their next stage in life and want what is best for them. But part of us is sad because we won’t have the opportunity to see them each day. And if they don’t check in with us, we will have no way of assessing whether or not they are doing well. This is where prayer comes in. Our parenting goes from a hands-on approach to a prayer and encouragement role.

My son is leaving the nest, as they say. When you study eagles, you see that they build the nest so that the eaglets will not stay past their time. It becomes more uncomfortable, and they are deeply encouraged to leave. This is the natural way for a young adult to become responsible. Usually, everyone gets a little uncomfortable near the end; conflict can even become the final push, then off they go.

Conflict can be painful, but what does God usually use to get us to leave a job, church, location, or bad relationship? Conflict. So why would we think it should be any other way when children leave home?

For many families, the Covid years stopped adult children from moving out, and some adult children even moved back home. The housing cost increased to an all-time high. This made it even harder for children of that age to move out and be on their own. But now that we are leaving those messy years, it’s time to resume the natural timeline for kids to find their own way in life.

Although it’s natural in American culture to get their own place and take care of their responsibilities, it’s not easy. Parents worry, and there is much to worry about in this broken, sinful world. This is why parents and grandparents pray for their sons/daughters when they leave home.

Let me lead us in prayer and please note if you want additional prayer, please check in with me on the prayer form below or hidden in the menu. I read every single email and pray.

Dear Jesus, please be with my child as they leave home. Bless them as they take these first steps on their own. Protect them and keep them out of trouble. Provide for them financially and help them be wise with their money. Bring others into their life that will encourage and help them. Build a kind community of people around them, so they don’t feel alone. Put in their path a wise person they can learn from. Help them find a church and not forget about you. In Jesus’ name, amen.

God’s word to us: I will protect them and keep them in the way they should go. I will bless where their feet walk and give them peace. They are mine, says the Lord. I will not forget your children when they move out. Never. This is the natural way for them to develop their own wings and rise to new heights in their own lives. I will guide them to the places they need to go and passions they need to pursue. And as they are learning, some lessons are best learned away from mom’s and dad’s influence. I will never leave them. Rest assured in this.

My Heart’s Cry is for us to make this transition with grace. My heart is for them to thrive when they leave home, but they often fall a bit. And this falling can be painful for us to see. Sometimes it’s God’s grace that we don’t see all the pain. There isn’t a Band-Aid big enough to cover some wounds experienced in life. So, we pray.

I must be honest; I cried when I sat alone during the transition. I have such mixed excitement that my son found a place and wants to make this first step. But I feel sad I won’t see him much, and I love him.

For my son, I want him to know I love him and care about him. I’m rooting for him and am his cheerleader for life. I am excited about all his firsts; they never end. The first smile, first word, first step, all the way to adulthood, his first car, job, and now apartment. With each promotion, we as parents get joy in our hearts that he is progressing through life responsibly. And that brings a smile to our faces and warms our hearts.

How about you? What do you want for your adult children? Take a moment to contemplate this.

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  1. Four and a half years later, I still laugh that my son wouldn’t leave the nest, so the nest left him! When my husband and I left California for Idaho, he didn’t have much of a choice and finally moved out on his own. It was good for all of us and it is amazing to see what a wonderful adult he has become. Of course, this strategy won’t work for everyone, but Idaho is a pretty awesome place to be!

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