Seeing and Believing

I recently realized that my age is approaching a number commonly displayed on freeway speed limit signs. A sigh followed this thought. But then again, so did a chuckle. I was spared from a full-blown lament about getting older by a rapid succession of grateful thoughts that unfolded in my mind like a long-lost precious scroll. Reality often changes clothes as it operates in tension with the short-term and long-term perspectives that inform our responses to it. At times, however, that tension feels so hard to bear. There’s a reason for that. Something has gone wrong with the world.

C.S. Lewis wrote about humanity’s built-in angst regarding the manifestation of sin and its effects. We see and feel the effects of death and decay in this world and intuitively know that something is not right. It’s as if our hearts cry tears that correctly shout, It’s not supposed to be this way! We long for a reality
we sense it exists but have never experienced.

Our eyes lend support to our intuition. There is still breathtaking beauty and evidence of design residing among fallen creation. Moreover, human beings are made in God’s image and sometimes behave in ways that reflect God’s heart and heighten our sense that something transcends all that’s wrong in the world. That transcendent something is a someone, God.

As Easter approaches, we can know that the good news is The Good News. God the Father sent His Son Jesus Christ to Earth in the flesh to die for our sins and reconcile us to Himself. Those who trust in his sacrificial death, burial, and resurrection will experience a certain hope in this life and in eternity. Back to those freeway speed limit signs. I’m in no hurry to leave this world prematurely. God will decide when my time here is done. I trust in Him. Do you?

Guest Post by Maureen Fowler
Bio: Maureen is a wife, mother, part-time teacher and writer.
She is forever grateful for God’s grace in her life.  

I want to thank Maureen Fowler for writing this post. May her words bless and encourage you this Easter season.

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  1. A lovely and encouraging gospel message! A reminder to trust God when we see the sin of the world amid the beauty of God’s creation

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