New Steps of Faith

Today, I am feeling that nothing I do is good enough.  Where did my self-confidence go? Every time I try to do the next thing, I start questioning myself.  I hate those feelings!  Lord, please help me see why I’m struggling so much with this today.

God’s Word to us: You are about to walk in some pretty new steps of faith.  Speaking at a retreat and then starting a women’s group are not your normal day-to-day activities.  It is here where you will have to use faith. And so since these new things have begun to press in on you, you’re beginning to question your normal activities too.  My desire is for you to give it all to me and ask for My help.  Whether it be old or new, I will help you.

This is my command—be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9

My Heart’s Cry is for us to remember that as we walk out new steps of faith, He is there. He is saying to us to ask Him for help and He will help us.  In this prayer, you saw that my new steps of faith were even affecting my old normal day-to-day activities.  When I noticed what was going on with my self confidence, I took the time to stop, sit down, and pray. Something was wrong in me. I knew something was off if I couldn’t even decide whether to wash the white clothes first or the dark clothes first.  Have you ever done that? Has even the most simple ordinary task seemed difficult? I love this verse because it says, be strong and courageous! We are not to be afraid or discouraged. Why? Because the Lord is with us. He wants us to give it all to Him. He wants us to ask Him for His help.

What new steps of faith are you walking in today?  Read this verse again then take courage! He is with you wherever you go.

Have a blessed weekend!!!  -Kim




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  1. Each devotion is so personal and yet so applicable. Thank you for your vulnerability, Kim! Your willingness to share reminds me I’m not alone in my frailties and there is strength in numbers. 🙂

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