My Rags


I feel like a rag doll coming to you. I’m not pretty on the inside or out. Just leftovers. I’ve given my best pieces to meet my family’s needs and even my own so all I have left are rags and remnants. Lord I need something new to work with. Fresh new material.  Something to get excited about again. Something new to create with. Please answer the call of my heart. It’s upsetting to live like this.

God’s word to us: I hear the cry of your heart. Life sometimes feels like it just goes on and on with no rest or breaks.  Then you do feel like this rag doll you are describing. I am here to tell you your hope needs to be in me, when you have days like this or even moments like this.  Come to me with your rags. For I can make beautiful things out of them that will put a smile on your face again.  What do you have? Let me see your bundle. Remember I created the world out of nothing. I can certainly make something out of this, your rags.

Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. Eph 3:20

I remember this dark day. After writing this the Lord impressed upon me to bring Him what I had. One by one I listed these worn out pieces. This blue one is what I have left after a hard day’s work, and this green one is what’s left of my health, this yellow one is what’s left from doing dishes and cleaning the house, and this purple one is what is leftover after paying bills and going grocery shopping. There is just not much left of value.

My Heart’s Cry is for us to remember our hope needs to be in Him not in the bundle of rags we find ourselves still holding onto. When we surrender them He can make something beautiful. He created the world out of nothing surely He can make something nice and of value of our rags. Talk to God about it now. It’s your turn.

I find it extremely interesting that in my prayer I asked for something new. I wanted new material to work with. But His answer focused on that He can make something out was leftover. Isn’t that us. We want a new life. Something new and exciting to focus on.  What are you thoughts about this. I’d love to hear them! If you are my Facebook friend you can comment on the post in Facebook. If you are a WordPress Follower, you know what to do.  Have a great day. -Kim

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