Scattered Pieces

Oh God, please help me hold on a little longer in this situation until it’s time for change. My hearts wants everything solved. Everything to be in neat rows. But it’s not. My situation looks as if all the pieces just got thrown into the air and they’ve landed all over the floor. What was put together doesn’t even look together anymore. I’m feeling even more confused than I felt before. Please help me out of this mess as soon as possible.  If not at least give me more understanding concerning all these scattered pieces. Thank you and Amen.

Gods word to us: Child, you sit and you wonder what I will do in your life. But I am saying trust me. Instead of trying to make sense of all those loose pieces, give them to me. This is my project in your life anyways. I hold the plan and the timetable so I do know what to do with each and every piece. Listen, be good and give them to me now. Okay.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Prov. 3:5

My heart’s cry is for you to do as he said and like a child pick up all those pieces and prayerfully give them to Him.  Many times we struggle to wait for God’s timing. When we try to run ahead and make sense of something that simply is not ready yet, it can leave us frustrated or depressed.  That is why our response is so important. God is saying to trust Him with all of our hearts.

When I did hand over those pieces to him I felt so much better. My mind was not a mess or confused any longer because I had trusted Him with it.

What scattered pieces do you need to give to Jesus today?

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