Be Still

I am trying to “Be still and know you are God.” I sit there knowing we are both waiting for things in my life and in our world to work out. You are Lord of the universe and you’ve got this. Heaven is your throne, Earth is your footstool which means everything I’m dealing with is under your feet. But I’m still trying to understand what you want with me during this time. Being still and doing nothing is so opposite to my nature.

God’s word to us:  That’s okay. You are still learning. It takes quite a bit of time to learn that truth. But I want you to practice it everyday of your life. Get in places where you will have no distractions. Then think about that I am with you always and my love for you is greater than you can imagine. Then cast your thoughts on this; I have made the seas, the mountains and the rivers. I made every living being and know every thought and intention of every man’s heart. My Father knows the  plans he laid out for your life. And they are good. So sit with me awhile. Be still.

Be still, and know that I am God! Psalm 46:10a

I took time to go to the quietest room in our house and be still.  As I sat there thinking about these things written above I couldn’t even do the first one well. “Think about I am with you always.” When I thought about God always being with me and imagine He is with me in each circumstances I found it hard, almost impossible. I never knew how alone in my mind I have been because I don’t always include God.

I asked God to heal me. He brought to mind when I was a child. I remembered men wearing stuffy brown suits to church.  Our worship was to Jesus who died on the cross and what Jesus did for us long ago. I thought that this was true worship. I accepted that to be the right kind of worship but it was in a sense a false worship. Although it accepted what Jesus had done. It didn’t include who He is right now in my life where worship can be fresh and alive.  This is one of the great misunderstanding of having a religious spirit.

When my father died, I stopped creating new memories with him.  Everything I remember of him and how it used to be.  Any new memories I have is one sided, it’s still just me remembering what we did together and of him being a great dad.  But it’s different with Jesus. When He died on the cross, rose again and ascended to heaven, it didn’t stop there. We are constantly making new memories with Him. And my admiration or worship should reflect these new memories too.

My hearts cry is for us to put into practice, “Be still and know I AM God.” We need to remember the I Am part. And if you have hang ups like I did, pray for healing and for God to make what’s causing them clear to you.  This was what I learned this time while being still. Next time I’m sure there will be a new lesson. I think that is why God wants us to do this every day.  There is a lot to learn about ourselves and about our relationship with Him when we are still.

Comment on whether have you tried Being Still and knowing He is God lately?  How did it go? What is God teaching you? I’d love to hear about it.



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