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A few days after I posted Our Garden Failed, a friend presented me with a bag of his home grown tomatoes. I was thrilled! Then he told me to go get some tomato plants. This was good advice from my friend. So I got tomatoes, peppers and a zucchini plant. I was going to plant it all from seed again but this will get me the head start I need this late in the season.

Prayer:  God, I needed a friend to encourage me this way. I was pretty bummed about my Garden Failure. Thank you Lord for friends and family who provide for me and encourage me even when I’ve failed.

God’s Word to Us:  You may have failed but we haven’t failed. Together we can be there in tough moments. I have placed you with others so you can do this for each other: helping and encouraging each other along the way. I’m glad you’ve shared your failures as well as your joys. When you do this you are truly living life together.

“Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. 
If one person falls, the other can reach out and help.
But someone who falls alone is in real trouble.” 
Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 

My Heart’s Cry  for us is to live life together. Share your failures as well as your joys. If no one knows you are struggling because you are keeping it to yourself, then how can anyone help? We aren’t perfect. We will fail. But it says in the Bible to not fail alone. Reach out your hand and let those you trust know about your struggles.

And also be a friend. Do you know a friend who is struggling? Ask how you can help. Sometimes it’s just something soooo simple. You don’t have to solve their problem, just be there. Be present. My friend didn’t come over and plant new plants and install a new sprinkler system for me. No, he gave me just enough to encourage me and get me going again.

Let’s live life with the people we trust and be the encouragement God always intended us to be to each other.

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Have a Wonderful Day!!!


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  1. Kim (the author of My Heart’s Cry) is my best friend and I feel like sharing a little something she did to encourage me. I was living frugally as a divorced mom and it was one of those days where I was trusting God to provide. While driving to pick up my son from school, I was on the phone with Kim and she asked me how I was doing. I replied, “Okay. There’s food in the pantry and the freezer, but my car is running on fumes. I know God will provide!”
    She said, “You know that picture I gave you for your birthday?” It’s a precious picture of two little girls all dressed up, shoulder to shoulder, holding large bouquets of flowers.
    I replied, “Sure. It’s hanging on the wall of my bathroom.”
    Kim said, “When you get home, take it down and take the back off of it.”
    My dear, sweet, wonderful friend had taped a $20 bill to the inside of the cardboard backing! She knew I was going to need it at some point and also knew what a joyful surprise it would be at a time I really needed it.
    Her blog continually blesses me and I know it blesses many others. I’m glad I get to “share” my friend with people around the world! I love you, Kimberly!!

    1. Awww yes Laura. That was a wonderful moment for me too. I had hidden that there because I couldn’t be with you 24/7 like I wanted to at that time. But I knew if I hid a little help and encouragement someday God would show me just the right time to unveil it for you. I truly think God does that in our lives too. Thank you for sharing Laura.

  2. This story is so beautiful! You girls both encouraged me today! Thank you! Kim, I want a tomato from your garden when they’re ready to harvest. 🙂

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