Remembering Him

Here I stand before a new year, oh Lord.  Please let me remember you are close by and I can depend on you for anything that comes up. This morning I’m feeling especially foggy brained because of the anti inflammatory diet I started right after Christmas. When I cut carbs and sugar from my diet I usually have a few tough days. I wish I never forgot that in the heat of these uncomfortable moments I don’t have to endure it all by myself. I wish I could stop leaning on myself and remember to lean on you.  Please work on this in me this year.

God’s words to us:  I have been working on this in you for quite some time. And for you to even recognize you still don’t sometimes is actually progress. Yes let’s work on this some more this year, even every year. And you will remember me more and more in those rough moments. And I will come with a bright light shining on those steps you need to walk.

The Lord is my light and my salvation-so why should I be afraid? Psalms 27:1

My Heart’s Cry for you is that you would remember God when you have rough moments. Thankfully, God is working on your heart to remember He’s with you.

I think it’s interesting that the verse says The Lord is my light and my salvation, not me. I don’t have to rescue. That is His job. Do you feel you sometimes feel that everything depends upon you? Do you feel like you are alone in those moments? We would not need to be afraid if we remembered God and that it is His job to rescue. It may be through us but we will not be alone, ever. What an assurance! Comment on how you too have struggled with this. What you have done to remember Him in those moments?

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  1. I, too, often think my brains and my strengths have to do it all to accomplish things! One area I am still tempted to be self-sufficient is in my work responsibilities and challenges. But I am becoming aware of this independent spirit/mindset more quickly than a few years ago, so that is progress! And God is showing me my limitations in intellect and energy as I get older, so I HAVE to depend more consciously on Him.
    Thanks for the post, Kim!

  2. Wow this one is right where I am at. When you help
    so many disabled, with situations that are truly hopeless, and you don’t see God answering any of their prayers or your prayers for them, you wonder why He doesn’t deliver. Why He doesn’t show up as a light and salvation for them. I try to tell them that the Lord is the Light and Salvation but they have absolutely no reason to believe me because there situation is so hopeless and never changing😰guess that is where I am right now.

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