America be strong. Be brave. We are waking up to a new day of possibilities, where yesterday does not apply to tomorrow. Don't go backward. It's like returning to Egypt and to the slavery of the past. I want to point you to freedom once more. Have you gotten lost? Are you discouraged? Let me... Continue Reading →

The Key is Joy

Coronavirus has changed what's normal and has affected my mood. There have been so many changes in such a short amount of time. New restrictions weekly. Now I must wear a mask when I shop. I hate not seeing people's faces. Facial expressions are so key to communication. I haven't seen anyone all week except... Continue Reading →

Failure to Commit

The other day I really felt led to text a friend and ask her to be a table leader at our Dessert of the Month Club.  But when I sat down to text her, I saw she had already texted me, she was having a hard day. She had texted me to ask for prayer. ... Continue Reading →

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