Sick of TV

I’m so sick of TV! It seems like there is a real shortage of wholesome shows and movies to watch. Last year, while recovering from an illness, I spent a lot of time binge watching TV. I didn’t have much energy, so this is what I did to occupy my time and my mind. I still need entertainment; but my goodness, there’s so much junk out there! 

Prayer: God, you see my struggle. I’ve gotten myself in the habit of consuming way too much TV. Now I feel like there isn’t much left that is wholesome. I feel assaulted when I accidentally choose something containing nude shots, bedroom scenes and vulgar language. Please help me know what to do.

God’s Word to us: You learn to live with less. Maybe not every night should be filled with searching for something to watch. Spend that time searching for something to do as a family or as a couple. I can think of a few off the top of my head. Play a game of cards, plan your next project or just sitting together retelling family stories. You can think of others too, but try and get past the habit that every night should end watching TV. There’s a whole lot more out there than this kind of entertainment.

My Response: Thank you. I know this will be hard. It too is an addiction like coffee sugar and screen time. Please help us all desire to change this TV habit.

Further instruction: I will help you. Thank you for coming to Me with this. I do care how you spend your free time and this is not spent well at all. It’s dead time, with no life – even death sometimes – because of the content being so dark and sinful. It drags you down. You don’t need to sit there and watch that kind of TV, even if he’s watching it. You can go into your bedroom and have peace and quiet.

My Heart’s Cry was for God to direct me concerning my TV habits. Do you ever feel this way when you are searching for something good to watch? I like to watch some of those mentally intriguing shows, but then they put in a sex scene or a getting ready for work scene showing way too much skin. As luck would have it, that’s probably when my 11 year old would walk into the room.  Ugh. Terrible example. So you see why I have gone to God with this prayer. We’ve got to change this habit for her sake and for my sake. I’m reminded of this children’s song. It applies to all of us and especially to this subject:

O be careful little eyes what you see
O be careful little eyes what you see
For the Father up above
is looking down in love
So, be careful little eyes what you see
O be careful little ears what you hear
O be careful little ears what you hear
For the Father up above
is looking down in love

God is looking down in love seeing His precious saint watching something that drags him/her in the mud. This must sadden him. I know it frustrates me. I hate being bombarded by those images. 

Usually I present suggestions to you at the end of these posts; but this time I am asking for YOUR suggestions.  Please share in the comment section here on Word Press or on the “My Heart’s Cry” page. I would deeply appreciate it.

  • What are things you do at night either as a family, a couple, or as a single instead of watching TV? What are some relaxing things to do at night if the TV is not on? Also, what do you do to filter the wholesome shows/movies from the questionable ones on Netflix, Amazon and cable. 

Thank you in advance for sharing YOUR ideas and thoughts. 

Have a good week.


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