What are you looking at?

With the political upheaval going on in our country it’s easy to get discouraged and think the worst in our country. Right, Left, blah blah blah. I just get tired of it. Sometimes I wait until I’m just so worried sick about an issue before I bring it to God. I finally prayed.

Prayer: I know I shouldn’t be so worried about such big things. But Lord, people are mean and disrespectful towards our president. And this impeachment thing is out of control. Oh God, the people of this country! Show us what we must do to save our very divided country. On the outside our country still looks good, but oh Lord, take a look at the inside, in our hearts. We are sinful and dark towards each other and our leadership. Heal the heart of our nation. In Jesus name, Amen.

God’s Word to Us: I’m happy to address this and you might be surprised by My answer. You look to the wrong things to get your information. Look across the street. Are they kind? Look to your neighbor to your right and to your left. Do they have your best interest at heart? Do you work together to make your neighborhood nice and safe? You are at the heart of this nation. What you do here matters. Stop looking at the few who are making a lot of senseless noise. If you notice it’s the same ones who go on and on and on spreading bad news. Look to your neighbor. Remember what I have said, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”
And there is another thing you should know. I am taking care of the big stuff. Sometimes I create the conflict to get the nation to move in a different direction than it has been. Get ready for a changing political climate. It’s going to change much like it did in the 80’s. It s time for another change.

My Heart’s Cry was for God to fix this divided country. I was surprised at His answer. Weren’t you? Look to your neighbors. Love your neighbor as yourself. Be a good neighbor. Also, stop looking at the ones who spread bad news. And thankfully He’s taking care of the big stuff.

“And you must love the Lord your God with all your heart,
all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength. 
The second is equally important: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’
No other commandment is greater than these.”

During this sweet time taking with God about these things, my heart was relieved. I felt like He gave me direction. I wasn’t worried and I was thinking about my nice neighbors. But then I picked up my phone to look on Facebook and guess what I saw…a bunch of shared negative articles. My mind immediately went back to worrying. Wow, that was quick! I realize in today’s social media world that my “friends” share their thoughts with me much like neighbors used to talk over the back fence. For example, we usually move into a state/town/neighborhood that we feel comfortable in and tend to want to live near like minded people. Obviously there are exceptions, but for the most part we do congregate with like minded people.

Making your Facebook neighborhood a safe place:

Be the positive one. Post and Share what is uplifting to your readers.
Post what is true. Check on Snopes before you share something. So many times it is not true or it’s old news being recycled.
Guard yourself. If you have a friend whose posts make your blood boil then consider snoozing the person for 30 days or unfollow them. By Unfollowing them they will still be your friends you just won’t see their posts.
Limit your time. I have a limit on my Facebook for 20 minutes a day. That gives me 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening to check in and see how everyone is. I have found it to be most helpful. On Apple Phones you go to Setting, Screen Time, App Limit, Pick Facebook, then set the time limit that works best for you. This helps with the “What are you looking at?”

Your Neighbors: What is real and tangible.

If you get upset by the news bites in the media, turn it all off. Put your phone away or turn off the TV. Go outside. Feel the fresh cool air. Breathe deeply. If your neighbor is outside, say hi. See how they are doing or talk about the weather. Be the kind and generous person you are. After a few minutes, come back in and remind yourself of God’s words to us: “love your neighbor as yourself.” You are the heart of this nation. What you do here matters.

How are we going to get through this political year? By looking at what God wants us to look at: Him first, then our neighbors.

Live in peace.


Matthew 22:37-39

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