Recently it seems I have been so close to crime happening.  I had gone to the bank and withdrawn a larger amount of cash than usual, which I needed for something specific. Even the teller was saying, “be careful with that.”  Before going home I went to a coffee shop to get my tea supply for the month. The bank near the coffee shop was robbed just minutes after I was there.  Then, a couple of days ago a woman ended up in front of a store, near my house, having just been raped.  I live in a pretty “safe” community, but sin and selfishness happen everywhere.

Lord, what am I to do when crime is increasing?  How do I stay safe when I go out?

God’s Word to us: I am with you always, even if crime is happening more around you. My mighty angels are your guards.  I do encamp my angels around my beloved.  Rest in my care for you and for your daughter.

“I prayed to the Lord, and he answered me. He freed me from all my fears. In my desperation I prayed, and the Lord listened; he saved me from all my troubles. For the angel of the Lord is a guard; he surrounds and defends all who fear him.” Psalm 34:4,6,7

My Heart’s Cry is for you to pray to the Lord daily about your safety and well being. He is listening. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you throughout your day. When I got that cash, I was a bit nervous. So I asked Him first about going to the coffee shop before I went home.  I knew in my heart He said, ” yes.” So if something did happen to that money, then I knew somehow it was a part of His plan and He would cover me financially. Through this total trust in Him, He is freeing me from my fears.

Earlier this week, in my morning prayers, I had said, “So shine on our day Lord. May it be ever so bright with your love and care.  Expel the darkness in us and our timeline.  Light up what we need to know.  Remove the chaos too. Help us see Your will clearly and completely.  Give us courage to walk these new steps and let us walk having Your love  fill us completely. Let us feel every breath of love with your face towards us.  Let your angels do their mighty work around us, always obeying Your will.”

His words back to me were: “I bless you.  I will keep you; keep you from evil, anger and disappointment.  I love you. Trust me. Trust only in me. And don’t go out that door unless you feel my hand on your shoulder this day. For I am with you. Stay in my will.”

Imagine my shock when I found out about the rape! I had to go back and reread my morning prayer. And you’re right, I didn’t go out that door unless I felt His hand on my shoulder.

Ladies, let’s get real. Are we having these important daily conversations with our Lord, who is the only One who can truly protect us?  He knows our lives from beginning to end. So much of the time we depend on the men around us to protect us. God can certainly use them to do this, but it is still God who we need to trust first.  Also, we are feeling comfortable in our safe communities. But as you can see, even safe communities are now having crime problems.

It is God. It is only God. Be safe in Him today.



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