Sleepless Nights

Sleepless nights are hard. Getting less sleep or interrupted sleep gets old fast. There's something wonderful about a good night's sleep. So much hinges on a good night's sleep too. Recently I've gotten off a medication that had caused me to sleep soundly. It's not the reason I took it but it was a nice... Continue Reading →

Alone or with God

One morning while reading and journaling, I saw a shadowy thing go by. I thought, "hummm, that's weird. Wonder what that was." But then I saw clearly what it was. It was a grey rat! The next thing I knew, I found myself doing what many women do in that same situation: screaming loudly and... Continue Reading →

Walk Humbly with Your God

A Hawaiian vacation would have been so nice. I had planned to be there this very day. But it was cancelled because of Covid. We planned this vacation a year ago and saved all year long in hopes that just maybe it would be possible. But the condo there cancelled our reservations. This is just... Continue Reading →

Do What is Right

Doing What is Right seems difficult after summer's break. But September is here and although I love the special treats like Pumpkin Spice Latte with a Maple Leaf Cookie from Trader Joes. I don't always feel thrilled about our school schedule or being a responsible housewife. I've had a hard time getting started again especially... Continue Reading →

Love Mercy

This has been a volatile year. On every issue or crisis people are picking sides. Our country is divided, but sadly it's dividing our families as well. One family member thinks all these rules are helpful and another can't stand to hear one more imposed law. There is a verse in the Bible that reminds... Continue Reading →

Self Focused

Am I selfish? I think about me and my responsibilities all the time. My prayers are generally self centered also. I believe that is what happens when you go through health issues or a crisis. It takes all your focus just to survive. Quite honestly, there is no shame in it. The Bible says to... Continue Reading →

Letting Go

One of my yearly Summer projects is going through my kid's rooms to remove the things they've outgrown. Last Summer, there were items my daughter was ready to give away that I wasn't ready to part with. One was a doll and doll bed. She's coming to the age where she's ready to give up... Continue Reading →

The Homeschool Option

Parents are now thinking about the 2020/2021 school year. It is a huge decision. We love our children. We are willing to sacrifice for their safety and our peace of mind. One option is Homeschool. I hope to answer some of your questions concerning homeschooling. Our story: In 1995 I was looking at the school... Continue Reading →

This is Just a Test

Life is sometimes so difficult that you feel like you are being put through a test. It's like you are in a tunnel of trials. Although one crisis gets cleared upĀ  another crazy circumstance comes your way. When will there be light at the end of this tunnel? I experienced my own crazy moments which... Continue Reading →

Bug Off

The last couple of months we have been "Safe at Home." But this last month I have not felt safe at home. Remember all that rain we had at the beginning of all this? It was nice. It kept us California girls at home, inside, where we were supposed to be. With all that rain... Continue Reading →

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