Why I left my Charter School-Podcast

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Why I left my Charter School Podcast.

“Homeschooling has been a blessing to our family. It has provided decades of learning and togetherness. It is a great way to impart knowledge, family values, and religious beliefs to our children. One year we joined a local homeschooling charter school. I can tell you that schooling through a charter school is quite different than homeschooling through a private school or on your own. What a learning experience.

My biggest takeaway was Charter Schools hinder learning by wasting time with endless meetings and testing. My other takeaway was the realization of the loss of freedom to teach the way I wanted to and what I thought was important. When all your time is spent checking their boxes, you have little left to fulfill your own goals with your children. I didn’t want to mimic the way public schools taught. I wanted to train my children in the way that they should go.”

To read more of this go to…Why I left my Charter School Blog 

May God bless you as you consider your child’s education. -Kim

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