Self Focused

Am I selfish? I think about me and my responsibilities all the time. My prayers are generally self centered also. I believe that is what happens when you go through health issues or a crisis. It takes all your focus just to survive. Quite honestly, there is no shame in it. The Bible says to... Continue Reading →

Letting Go

One of my yearly Summer projects is going through my kid's rooms to remove the things they've outgrown. Last Summer, there were items my daughter was ready to give away that I wasn't ready to part with. One was a doll and doll bed. She's coming to the age where she's ready to give up... Continue Reading →

The Homeschool Option

Parents are now thinking about the 2020/2021 school year. It is a huge decision. We love our children. We are willing to sacrifice for their safety and our peace of mind. One option is Homeschool. I hope to answer some of your questions concerning homeschooling. Our story: In 1995 I was looking at the school... Continue Reading →

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